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07 Jul 2020

From golf to F1 racing and VR worlds the simulator market is more affordable and lifelike than ever before

Golf, racing, shooting, tennis, and VR are more attainable than ever thanks to improved tech

Here are a few of the technology breakthroughs and what they mean to the sim market

SkyTrak Home Golf Simulator Package | Net Return Net & Mat – Top ...

  • Faster graphics hardware is leading to real-time renderings that would have been impossible just a few years ago. Hardware improvements are nothing new but the rate of growth in this space is allowing for light tracing and another tech which adds the level of realism that starts to blur the line between real life and simulator.

  • Improved resolution of displays. 4K displays and projectors offer far more pixel density and this means you can be closer to the screen. Closer means for the same size screen you get a more immersive experience. This is what helps suspend disbelief

  • More accurate and cost-effective input devices. Take for example golf simulators. Tracking of the golf ball and/or swing was difficult for any but the most advanced systems. Today you can get accuracy, not of just ball speed and angle but also spin, fade, club angle, and followthrough. With all of this data, some professional golf pros are turning to this technology to help students diagnose swing characteristics to very precise detail. Below is the output from a $2000 flight monitor. As you can see the data is extensive.

SkyTrak PerfectBay Golf Simulator Package – Top Shelf Golf

  • Projector light output Many systems reply on projectors to bring you to create a more immersive experience. High-resolution projectors are getting much brighter with new technologies. Some even use laser light engines that require little of the previous maintenance than lamp-based systems require.

  • VR hardware improvements – If you don’t have a dedicated space for a simulator perhaps VR is the best option for you. Simple systems such as the Oculus quest do not even require the very high end of VR as before. With head tracking and 3 dimension space sensors, these systems can bring you convincingly to anywhere on the planet and beyond.


E6 Golf Sim Demo Video

Racing, flying, target, virtual theater, are a few.

Vesaro I Professional Formula Stage 6

Bigscreen Cinema

Team Building Activities | Lasershot | Shoot Pheasant and Ducks ...

Elite PI-135 Professional Flight Simulator | Inflight Pilot Training

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