Top Benefits of Motorized Shades

Top Benefits of Motorized Shades
23 Jun 2017



If you have a lot of windows, especially large ones, it can be a hassle to raise and lower all of them manually all the time. However, with motorized shades, you can raise and lower them at the touch of a button, even when you are away from home and may have forgotten to lower them. Automation is another key feature of motorized shading. Automatically raise and lower your shading systems based on the time of day. You can set the desired time yourself, or set it to astronomical time. With astronomical time clocks you can set your shading to raise and lower according to the sunrise and sunset times. The system will automatically change based on the time of year.

Companies like Hunter Douglas also offer sleekly designed remote controls, such as the Pebble Remote Control, in addition to phone and tablet app control. The Pebble Remote Controls come in various fun colors.



Improved Home Security

When you travel, it’s nice to have a way to make it appear as though somebody is still at home. With motorized shades, you can dissuade potential burglars from even thinking about entering your home when they see your shades raising and lowering. You can operate your shading system from your smartphone at any time of the day or night from your smartphone, or just have them set automatically.

Energy Savings

Being able to lower your shades at the push of a button ensures that even on a hot day, you will easily be able to save energy by blocking the sun’s hot rays beaming through your glass windows. The sun protection provided by the shades could cut down on your AC use.

Aesthetic Appeal

Companies that offer motorized shading don’t skimp on design and visual impact. The sleekly designed shades are often customizable, and come in many shapes, forms, and colors. Hunter Douglas, a big name in the motorized shading industry, offers beautiful and elegant arrays of different shading systems as shown in the image.



Overall, motorized shading is something worth looking into if you are interested in convenience, improved home security, energy savings, and elegance.





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