8K TVs: The Futuristic Resolution of The Next Generation TV

8K TVs: The Futuristic Resolution of The Next Generation TV
23 Aug 2017

It feels like only yesterday when 4K UHD TVs came out into the market. But now, the industry is already bracing itself for the next generation new comer – the 8K UHD TV (8K Ultra High Definition Television).

Yes, it is on the horizon already. What makes it different? Well, it is being called 8K because the images round up to about 8,000 pixels wide or 7680×4320. It is also called 4320p – for similar reasons that Full HD was called 1080p. 8K screens have about 33 million pixels in total, that is a 33 megapixel image.


Full HD 1080p TVs gave you a two-megapixel image. This is comparable to what your smartphone camera can do. 4K takes that to the next level by increasing it to eight megapixels. 8K TVs are introducing 33-megapixel images! That is an outstanding jump in pixel amount. Some tech enthusiasts are quick to surmise that pixels matter and provide the long searched for immersiveness they have been waiting for.

However, there are some critics who are a bit skeptical as to whether more pixels means better overall picture quality and if the cost will be worth it as some consumers are learning that more pixels does not necessarily mean better picture. These consumers are concerned about quality over quantity.


Nevertheless, the world is gearing up for the coming of the 8K UHD TV. Japanese state broadcaster NHK has already started streaming broadcasts in a mix of 4K and 8K resolution with plans to fully broadcast in 8K during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. 8Ks have already appeared in the market in Japan with Sharp releasing a $133,000 8K TV in 2015, Samsung and LG releasing a cheaper 8K TV for $55,000 in 2016, and with prices further dropping currently. Worldwide, they are predicted to go on sale by early 2018.

Very few manufacturers have 8K TVs available currently in the US. But if you do want to try an 8K resolution, Dell has small 8K monitors on sale like the Dell UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor going for $4,999.99. How soon would you want to try the next in TV innovation?








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